Amazing Thanksgiving Deal – 15% Off Unconventional Guides


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Hey guys!

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s amazing to see the gratitude going around the Internet, from blog posts to discounts to charitable donations.

I wanted to mention quickly—one of my biggest role models, Chris Guillebeau from the Art Of Non Conformity just announced his once/year sale: 15% off of his Unconventional Guides. These guides are AMAZING. I only recommend products that I find INCREDIBLE—this is one of the most incredible products I’ve ever purchased.

For example, his Frequent Flyer Master guide taught me, step by step, how to earn over 400,000 miles in less than two years. That’s the equivalent of $7,500 , for the price of a few cups of coffee. The book GUARANTEES at least 25,000 miles, equal to a round trip ticket anywhere in the USA.

His other books and products are equally amazing—learn how to Freelance, build your own personal business, or anything else. His Empire Building Kit is one of the most thorough step-by-step programs to building an online business. It includes a step-by-step 365 day process for setting goals, Case Studies and interviews with successful entrepreneurs, video and audio content, and much more.

Check out the unconventional guides here (discount code: CRANBERRY).

Enjoy! Happy turkey day!

-Maneesh Sethi

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