That Split Second Decision


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It’s that split second decision.

That one second where you walk into the kitchen and get a late night snack instead of going to bed.

That one second where you boot up Facebook instead of your text editor.

That one second when, instead of finishing the project you’re working on, you decide to “relax, just for a minute.” that turns into an hour.

What if, instead, you made that other decision?

What if you decided that no, TODAY was the first day that you were going to eat right, forever.

What if you decided that today was the day when you destroyed distractions and finished your work first, before wasting time online?

Today could be that day when you finally sign off of chat, and Twitter and Facebook, and start working on that project you’ve been dreaming of.

Or it could be the day you buy that ticket for the dream trip you’ve always wanted to take.

The truth is, at the end, when you look back at your life, that’ll be the moment you realize:

It was that split second that made all the difference.


Tom November 24, 2011 at 5:29 am

Loved last nights webinar. Would definitely like to hear more details about how you engineered social proof and other tacttics you used to instill trust in your dj-ing skills. Hope you can upload the video on your site soon, I live in the UK and stayed up til 320am watching it lol, but i did miss the end. Plus, would be great if you could share any great credit card freebies available in the uk.

Keep up the good work man!


maneesh November 24, 2011 at 7:55 am

Thanks so much for the comment! I’ll be talking about taking over the world and social engineering over time. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog posts 🙂


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