I’ve published four books,
started an NGO, and
traveled the world

My Name is Maneesh Sethi

Hey there—I’m Maneesh Sethi. The guy on the donkey.



CEO of Pavlok and Editor-in-Chief of Hack The System

I studied at Stanford University, authored 4 books (including an international bestseller, written when I was 14 yrs old), work in Marketing, Psychology, and Information Technology.

For the last three years, I’ve run the blog Hack the System — A guide to hacking fame, productivity, travel, languages, exercise, and business. Along the way, I’ve run multiple projects to showcase what I’ve learned and what anyone can do — most spinoffs of HtS.

1) The 90 days project — 90 Days to Becoming a Famous DJ in Berlin.

2) I lived in India for just under a year and began an NGO to connect children with technology in a small village in Udaipur, India. My NGO

3) I created a passive income biz inspired by and featured on Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Blog (and I’ve been featured in his last book, The 4-Hour Chef)

4) Worked on marketing multiple New York Times Bestsellers (The 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss, The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried, and The Omni Diet by Tana Amen),

5) Hosted a pilot that was bought by the Travel Channel (#digitalnomad)

Now, I am building a hardware company in Boston. Here is my profile from my Team Page.

“Maneesh ran the Web site Hack the System but noticed his waning productivity. After having to resort to tricks to keep himself writing — most notably, hiring someone to slap him in the face whenever he used Facebook — Maneesh had the idea to build technology to improve productivity.

Maneesh studied at Stanford University, has written four programming books (including an in- ternational bestseller), and helped launch numerous New York Times Bestsellers (such as The 4- Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss). You can read more about him at

My old bio:

1) I’ve published 4 books, including an international bestseller. I used to have a monthly segment on TechTV’s Call For Help.

2) I’ve founded several companies, including one that has allowed me to travel the world since 2010, completely outsourced. This business was featured on the 4 Hour Workweek Blog. Check out the video here:

3) I have been traveling around the world since 2008, starting companies, freelancing, outsourcing, and building online businesses. Inspired by the 4 Hour Workweek, I’ve built businesses that earn enough income, completely outsourced, to allow me to live without working.

4) I was featured on the cover of India’s biggest tabloid, Sunday Mid Day.

5) I am an expert Ruby on Rails programmer. I studied at Stanford with a concentration in Computer Science, worked as a Rails programmer at Ooyala, and developed

6) I’ve lectured at universities and conferences around the world. I presented at Persuasions ’08, a Persuasive Technology conference in Oulu, Finland. I presented my paper The Changing Face Of The Product Marketing Model. I lectured on “How To Take Advantage Of The System” at Stanford University and online. I’ve spoken all over the world at numerous conferences and universities.

7) I’ve helped countless students become expert lifestyle designers through my Online Marketing Master Class (now closed) and personal coaching.. See what Brad, Kateryna, and Chris have to say about my instruction.

Interested in personal coaching? Email me.

8) I founded an NGO in India,, where I wired up a village with electricity, built a computer lab, and taught children how to use the Internet.

9) I studied at Stanford University in the Science, Technology, and Society department (with a focus on Computer Science). I’ve been featured on the Four Hour Workweek Blog, Zenhabits, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and many more.

10) My passions are music, film, and writing. I am a DJ, and I just completed filming my new Youtube show, The 90 Days Project: 90 Days To Becoming A DJ. My music is here:

This is my blog’s main goal: I want you to achieve your dream lifestyle.

It all started with a little seed. One comment from a friend, where he tipped me off that he had studied abroad without Stanford, and it was cheap plus he got to live with young people rather than old crotchety host mothers.

That small seed grew into a vision. I could experience the world alone, without Stanford, and save money. Just a single conversation with a single random friend changed my life.
And then I booked a ticket to Buenos Aires, and started a small business while traveling in Brazil, and it grew and grew while I continued to travel and live my dreams. And then opportunities led to more opportunities, and so on.

I want to be that spark that propels you to achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Great fires start from small sparks. You can’t achieve your ideal lifestyle without starting small.

So I ask you today to think: What, in your wildest impossible dreams, do you think would the most AWESOME, AMAZING, ideal lifestyle that could possibly exist?

I’m going to get you there.

Let me help you. Get in contact with me via email.