How Pavlok Keeps Me Productive (And How You Can Get Your Own)


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What a great day to wake up and check my inbox.

Apparently, Pavlok has gone viral — and even hit the front page of Yahoo!


Front page of Yahoo!

Why is this a great day?

Not just because we are going viral—-but because we are beginning to assemble our first batch of Pavlok alpha prototypes to ship.

See how excited I am to open our package from China.

And now, I’m excited to let you know that you can preorder your own Pavlok Prototype.

If you don’t know already, Pavlok is a wristband designed to help you form good habits and break bad habits. For example, I’ve begun using it to break my bad habit of opening too many tabs (and getting distracted).

Pavlok won’t let me get distracted

Order your own Pavlok Habit Forming Wristband Now

And now, we are opening up preorders to the world. For a limited time, you can preorder the Pavlok device at

Preorder the Pavlok device for $149 (shipping in 2015). We are also creating 200 prototypes, shipping in Autumn 2014. These will be 3d-printed and hand assembled, and will probably have some kinks. But, you’ll get them earlier than anyone else. Great for developers or early-adopters who want to change their habits. These cost $249.


Buy your own Pavlok prototype (or preorder the device) at

Remember, you can always email me if you have any questions!

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