An unedited transcription of my August 1st handwritten journal entry,


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Aug 1
For most, Aug 1 represents just another month on the calendar. For me it’s a date of renaissance. 365 days ago, I moved to Boston, quit my life as a perennial digital nomad and began working on a little thing called Pavlok.
364 days later, we shipped our first batch of Pavlok units to customers.
You might be a bit tired of hearing me talk about Pavlok all this time, but if you’ve been following HtS for a while, you’ve probably noticed a massive shift in the type of posts written.
Here are the facts:
My life as a digital nomad was a period of trans cruise hedonism, and imposter syndrome. At no time during my travels was I sure of what I was doing. At no time did I feel focused, nor productive, nor self-actualized. Why? Exactly
I didn’t have a why.
The entire time, I was in search of the holy grail of passive income. I found it quickly. But a 4 hour work week for a single guy, earning in dollars and euros but spending in pesos and rupees isn’t really that hard. But deeper down, I was never ever sure WHY I was traveling. It just seemed like the “cool” thing to do.
That all change the day I moved to Boston and began work on Pavlok. Bolt, a hardware startup incubator (think Y combinatory for hardware) took me under its wing, offered me funding, mentorship, office space, workshop access, investor connections, and most importantly, an ecosystem of dedicated people doing revolutionary things. Bolt offered 7 companies this investment. They had space for B2b, B2C, and a wildcard slot. I was the wildcard.
Bolt took a chance on a marketing nomadic blogger with no skills in hardware, no knowledge in product development, and smileys in his application.
I don’t think most people believed I would ship a product. I did.
A year later, I still have no idea how to solder. I don’t understand how we got from there to here, how this crazy idea of getting slapped in the face has now transformed lives and habits of dozens, if not hundreds of Pavlok and HtS readers.


Kayvee August 7, 2014 at 6:51 am

I am proud of you bro. I wish you eternal success


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