Reader Hack: How to get a $100 Room for free


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I just got a tip from one of my readers about how he hacked getting a free room. I like to share awesome methods to get what you want, without following the norm. This hack comes from Stephen P:

From: Stephen P.

Here’s a quick hack, inspired by your latest articles that got me a 100 dollar/night room on top of a boat in HK :

Hostels in HK are expensive, and they suck (i.e. cockroaches). So the next day, I went on airbnb, found the most recommended rooms, and shot an email;

Hey, what’s shakin?!
I’m in Hong Kong for a week, and this sounds amazing. Also you guys sound fun and friendly.
I’m strapped on cash though, and I think there are so many better things to trade then money, so I have a proposition:
I work in technology and design. If you need something done with websites, business cards etc I’d love to trade my time for a bed on your boat/house.
If not, I understand.
If yes, let’s chat see if you would like something done. What I do doesn’t have to equate monetarily to the cost of my stay, I’d prefer it if it was 10 times more actually. That way I would feel even happier I helped..

I got two offers, one of which was a 100 dollar a night room on top of a boat.

If you guys are strapped for cash, you’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to trade services to let you get what you want. Or, just stare them down until they give you what they want.

Have you ever successfully gotten something for cheap or free by hacking the system—doing something out of the ordinary? Email me and I’ll share it.

Image by Victoria Peckham

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