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When I talk to girls at bars and clubs, I love to A/B test.

When I’m asked “What do you do,” I give different responses. And I measure which one impresses the girl the most.

Blogger? No one cares. DJ? Ooh, that’s interesting. Traveler? Tell me more.

Internationally best selling author? “Here’s my number. Call me ;)”

I told this girl I was an author

I wrote my first book when I was 13 years old. I’m 24 now, so I’ve been in the industry for 11 years.

And I know how hard it is to get started.

I get emails every day from aspiring authors who see my old tv-spots, asking about how to get published, how to write a bestselling book. And I’m tired of not having a perfect response for them.

So, I am supremely excited that Chris Guillebeau and David Fugate wrote this ebook for me. Just announced today: The Unconventional Guide To Publishing, a MASSIVE 45,000 word ebook about the publishing industry. How to break in, how to read a contract, how to deal with promotion, and much more.

It’s 88 pages of fucking AWESOME material.

Chris and David were nice enough to send me a review copy, which I spent all day reading, and here is my review:

Holy. F’ing. Shit. This is amazing.

This is the guide I wish I had when I wrote my first book. It would have saved me months.

The Unconventional Guide To Publishing distills everything down to exactly what you need to break into the publishing industry. Here are some of the highlights I found.

  • How do advances work? (Page 10)
  • What EXACTLY are publishers looking for? The Compelling Idea, The Audience, and The Author (20-25)
  • How to write a book proposal (Page 27)
  • The steps to finding an agent (and are they really necessary?) (Page 37)
  • Specific, scripted emails to send to an agent (Page 43)
  • The process of pitching (Page 54)
  • The art of writing an excellent book (Page 73)

As you can see, this book is FULL of awesome information. But, get this.

There’s even more.

Chris told me that, just for the first week (until Friday), he’s offering these special bonuses.

I would feel incredibly bad not writing this post today, because I don’t want you to miss out on these bonuses. In fact, I’m considering purchasing the package myself—even though I received a free copy of the book—just for the bonuses.

If you grab the Unconventional Guide to Publishing by Friday, you will get some ridiculous bonuses. This comes directly from the big man, Chris Guillebeau, himself.

Launch Bonus: 3 Reasons To Pick This Up Now

by Chris Guillebeau

I always try to make things fun, and this is our first guide launch in more than 16 months (i.e., forever). We’re doing three different things to kick things up a notch:

  • Price discount. For the first three days, the Hemingway version will be available for 25% off. What what! Indeed, it’s true. No discount code needed, but regular pricing kicks in at midnight on Friday, no exceptions.
  • Phone call with David Fugate. In a no-holds-barred conference call to be scheduled next month, David will answer questions about the proposal process from everyone who gets the guide during our three-day launch period. (Note: this bonus may be limited in number due to the conference call service we use. I’ll update the post here if it is no longer available.)
  • Extra “platform-building” tips from me. Two versions of the guide include a long conversation with David and I about community building, focusing on how I’ve built AONC and how that process has helped my publishing career. In this conversation, I tried to be very clear on what’s gone well and where I made real mistakes. For those who purchase the guide during this special launch, I’ll be happy to take a quick look at your project sometime in the next 60 days and offer some input by email.

Guys—there is also a 100% guarantee. If you ever wanted to start publishing a book, get this guide. It’s the book I wish I had written.

Get The Unconventional Guide Here. Click the Buy It button on the following page to get your hands on his crazy good resource.

Get The Unconventional Guide To Publishing

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