For Paid To Exist Readers Only — Fear, Minimalism, and Free Plane Tickets

Sometimes you think you’re driving the elephant, but really the elephant is driving you.

And everything that you’ve heard about willpower, about success—it might all be wrong.

While studying social psychology at Stanford, I found myself unable to finish a particular project on time. My project, ironically, involved procrastination.

So I delved deeply into the literature and discovered that what we think we know about fear, goal setting and willpower is backwards.

We don’t need to use willpower. Instead, we need to build systems that force ourselves to succeed—without any possibility of failure.

Just for readers of the Paid To Exist, I’ve prepared a seriously substantial gift. You’re going to get a collection of my best resources to fighting fears and building successful habits. Just enter in your email address below to get the first gift, How to Fight Fear through Systems.

Fight Your Fears Through Systems

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3) The Travel Hacking Report – How to travel to Medellin, Colombia—business class–for only $77. Or anywhere else in the world. Also, how to get free offices in every city of the world.

4) The Digital Nomad Packing List – Everything you need to travel the world, in one tiny backpack. I did it for years, and you can too. [CAUTION: Requires EXTREME minimalism]

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Fight Your Fears Through Systems

Who am I? I’m Maneesh Sethi—24 years old, Stanford educated—who’s been traveling to exotic locations for over four years. Since 2007, I’ve:

  • Lived in and learned the languages of Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and India.
  • Founded an NGO in India that raised $5000 to build a library and computer lab for a poor village in India. (
  • Had a sandwich named after me in Florence,Italy.
  • Built a completely passive business, outsourced with several virtual assistants, that runs on fewer than four hours of work per week.

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