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The 6 P’s And 5 D’s Of Business School

January 27, 2014 in Make Money

Last New Years, I was in Miami with my new friend, Osher Gunsberg, the host of Australian Idol, and the Australian edition of The Bachelor. He’s also an entrepreneur and angel investor. Apart from being a really fun person to spend 3 days partying with, Osher is also incredibly wise when it comes to business […]

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How to raise $5,000 in 7 days: Gratitude, Giving Back, and Founding an NGO in a week

January 13, 2014 in Make Money

In 2010, after 2 years of traveling that was funded by computer businesses that I created while traveling, I decided that it was time to give back. I decided to create an NGO to help poor children in India get access to computers—and I wanted to do it in less than a week. Our first […]

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The Results Are In: Here’s What HtS Readers Want Out Of 2014

January 8, 2014 in Exercise

On Monday, I asked you to tell me all the exciting things you were working on for 2014. Wow! You actually responded. Ahhh, so validating. I can honestly say HtS readers are doing some of the most interesting things collectively. Here’s what some of you are working on: Thanks for getting back to me, guys. […]

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What do you want out of 2014?

January 5, 2014 in Exercise

Last week, for New Years, I decided to relive my old pushup days—this time, in a private jet terminal in Miami. Well—I got regulated in the comments   Sure, I was just trying to show a cool shot. But the beauty of the internet and social media—even though that picture is still totally awesome—-is that […]

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The HtS 2013 Year In Review [Part 1] + Accountability Partner Matchup

January 2, 2014 in Exercise

It’s 2014. Clean slate. If you’ve followed me in the past, you know my struggles with productivity. But in 2013, everything changed. I realized what was holding me back — something much greater than myself. And in 2014, I’m not going to just show you how I did it. I’m going to help you do […]

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