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Last week, I gave a webinar about Taking Advantage of the System. We talked about how to travel the world without spending money, how to become a “famous” DJ in Berlin, how to earn $1500 in one night, how to never pay late fees, and how to build an online income. Now, I’m excited to present a recording of that webinar.

Check it out. Timecoded notes are below.

Check out the slides here:

1:00 – Partying with Tim Ferriss
1:30 – What we’ll be talking about in the presentation
4:00 – Invisible scripts that Americans unquestionably believe.
6:00 – How things have changed—it’s time to question the system
7:35 – “Once in a while, it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”

8:30 – Your mentality – what you need to do if you want to achieve your goals and take advantage of the system
12:00 – Dreamlines to make a plan to achieve your goals
15:00 – Finding focus and destroying distractions
18:00 – Finding others who are doing interesting things

24:00Specific examples of taking advantage of the system

24:15 – How to travel the world for free
26:15 – Credit cards and frequent flyer miles
28:45 – The specific best credit cards to earn frequent flyer miles
33:30 – How to get rid of any fees on any account

34:00How to become a Famous DJ in Berlin
39:00 – How to lie to the mayor of San Francisco and get secret documents
42:00How to make 1000 Euros ($1500) in one night

47:00 – How to travel and make money.
50:00 – How to become a freelancer
51:50How to legally not pay taxes by living abroad

53:00 – How to make money online
54:00Types of internet income and passive income
55:20 – The truth about Internet Marketing and Passive Income
57:00How to start building your online income empire
59:30 – The magic of email lists

1:01:30The Online Marketing Master Class – Learn exactly how to build income online
1:02:30HUGE Holiday discount

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